Moving Walk

Star range of Moving Walkways form integrated horizontal and vertical transport systems that will enhance both the appearance and operation of any building infrastructure development. A wide range of finishes and materials are available, as well as a selection of arrangements that perfectly match and compliment their surroundings. The inclined shape perfectly matches environments such as supermarkets, Shopping Malls & Airports. The horizontal is perfectly suited for Airports and Railway Stations.

Extremely Strong Conveying Capacity

Moving Walks have extremely strong conveying capacity. It can satisfy the traffic requirements of modern people in various aspects. It is applicable for Airport, Shopping Centers, Hotels, and Recreation Centers etc.

Its unique and innovative design has minimum requirements to the space. Its firm structure is strong enough for any kind of load. At the same time of conveying large-size shopping plaza and busy Airport, Bus Station, it saves every piece of precious space. It fully considers the requirements of modern city traffic.

0-12 degree angle inclination can be freely chosen according to different use and environment in the building.