Capsule Elevator

Capsule elevators can be the gem of prestigious buildings and architectural marvels. They enhance the look and appeal of the structure and its design, features and options serve optimum transition comfort between floors. They are aesthetically designed and planned with attractive interiors and large glass viewing panels. Moreover, a capsule lift design demands a specialized plan and knowledge along with wide experience to adhere to the particular concepts.

At Star Elevator, you can get all types and sizes of capsule lifts with modern design and an unmatched experience. From large to small capsule size lift in India, you just name it and we will have it for you. Also, capsule elevators are economical and reliable along with requiring minimum maintenance.

The passengers can get out of the world experience along with a design that provides an extremely silent operation throughout. This type of lift is extensively used in Homes.

We have successfully installed plenty of capsule elevators across the country equipped with revolutionary technology but in an environment-friendly manner. Plenty of features and benefits are there that you can get when you decide to get a capsule elevator.

Capsule elevators are way better than the traditional lift or elevator alternatives. They are equipped with modern technology and high-quality equipment which make them superior to other options available. You would never regret the decision of getting a capsule elevator. We will provide you with the best capsule elevator which you would not otherwise get.

Features of Capsule Elevator

Capsule elevators have plenty of features in capsule elevators which you get the option to explore. Below we have listed the prominent features which you can get your hands on and jump on to a decision.

  • Panoramic design Capsule elevators are beautifully designed and precisely planned. They have a complete glass panel which provides an excellent view while in the lift. Make the passengers subsume the charm and elegance of capsule elevators along with the finest operation and accessibility.
  • High Quality Every part used for the manufacturing of the elevator is precisely designed and of ensured supreme quality. We do not like compromising on the quality, therefore, we make sure that it passes all our quality tests or checks before you get it from us. Be assured of the highest quality when you choose us for your requirements.
  • Easy and quick installation Capsule Elevators do not take a lot of time to be installed and set up. Unlike the traditional elevator alternatives, capsule lift or elevators can be efficiently and quickly installed on the desired location. Therefore, you do not have to wait for weeks or months to get it installed and start operating.
  • Economical Purchasing a capsule elevator can be an economical option when compared to other elevator alternatives available. Moreover, it requires less equipment or machinery than in the traditional elevators which drastically reduces the cost. Alongside, you get it equipped with the modern technology and design making it fit into the modern ambience. Pick the finest option you can from us as we promise to furnish you with the finest one only.
  • Reliable and safe Capsule elevators are completely safe and reliable as their functioning and operation are facilitated by the latest technology and finest parts. Unlike other alternatives, capsule elevators have smooth operation and efficient working throughout.
  • Minimum maintenance Capsule elevators do not demand high or regular maintenance from your part. They often require maintenance or servicing annually to ensure that all the parts are in proper condition and running properly. This relaxes you in part from worrying about regularly looking after the elevator.
  • Smooth operation All the parts and equipment are strategically designed, placed and assembled to ensure the long and efficient running of the elevator. Do not worry about any problems in its functioning, as it is sure to provide the passengers with a smooth experience.
  • Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) with Voice Enabled Emergency Backup System (VEEBS)
  • Auto Phase Reversal (APR)
  • Jerk Free Ride
  • Infra Red Full Length Doors Sensor With 154 Beams
  • Motor Thermal Protection Function Etc.
  • Wide Range Of Doors with Width and Height
  • As Per BIS & EN Standard
  • Simplex Collective – Selective,
  • Fireman Operation
  • Cabin Call Cancellation / Erase

Voice Announcement System

  • Emergency Light with battery backup
  • Various Speed Range (0.3 MPS to 3 MPS)
  • Door open and Door Close button in cabin
  • Cross flow Blower Fan
  • Emergency Alarm with battery backup
  • Top of the cabin inspection
  • Emergency break release and Manual Operation
  • Re-open in HALL Call button operation
  • Electro-mechanical type landing locks
  • Cabin Fan and Light Shut Off and Automatic
  • Overload Device With Voice Announcement

Optional Features

  • Selectable Service Floors Function
  • 2 Hours Fire Rated Doors approved By CBRI-IIT, Roorkey for No Vision Doors
  • Braille on push Buttons
  • Various types of LCD / TFT display (Digital floor position indicator with Up and Down arrow, Seven segments / Digital red Dot Matrix scrolling display in car and landing)
  • Different type of Flooring (Vitrified tiles / Wooden / PVC Flooring)
  • Access Control System
  • Variety of Stainless Steel & Colored SS finishes for Cabins & Doors, Coloured SS finishes vis a vis Gold / Rose Gold / Black / Copper etc.
  • Full Vision Glass Doors
  • Small Vision Glass Doors

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Side View

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